Another Slow and Lazy Day

Saturday July 12th 2019

The day began cloudy and dull, but ended sunny and warm. It was one of those days that I had to really think about it to know the day of the week. I knew it was a weekend day, but it could just as easily have been a Sunday than a Saturday. Without anything specific planned, the day was slow, lazy and not very blog worthy.

This campground puts some effort into having nice flower arrangements around the grounds.

My physical exercise for the day was a couple of walks around the campground. For mental exercise, I worked on travel planning. I’ve let the making of reservations for August and September slip. I’m now in a position of having to scramble to find places to stay after July 30th. RV travel in Oregon seems to be very popular. It is very difficult to find openings on the weekends. Weekend camping seems to be very popular with Oregon and Washington residents. It’s just and impression, but I think it is more popular in this area than some of the other areas I traveled through.

To solve the reservation issue, I’m having to look at shorter stays at the good places with stays at less than ideal locations to fill the gaps rather than a few stops for a week or two. This means more research and juggling of days and distances. My Web browser is hitting the campground review sites hard and Google Maps is busy telling me the distances between places. So far I haven’t got a long enough block lined up to make actual reservations, but it will be a focus over the next couple of days.

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