Second Slow and Lazy Day in a Row

Sunday July 14th 2019

Today was a nice sunny day with a high temperature in the mid eighties. The overnight temperature was in the sixties so I had the windows open for air flow. There was a little traffic noise and I even heard a train in the distance, but nothing to disturb a good nights sleep. After the few nights I spent in Cascade Locks about one hundred feet from the train tracks this is nothing.

Petunia blossom of the day.

I didn’t have any real problem with the nearby train tracks at my last stop. During the day the whistle of the approaching train would startle me to the point of jumping out of my skin at times, but the actual passing train was more entertainment than bother. At night, once I was asleep, the train didn’t wake me up until it was time to wake up. Other people at the park were really disturbed by the train. I talked to two different people that cut their stay short because of the train.

Today was another lazy day. I’m going to blame the time zone for today’s laziness. I’m an east coast guy accustom to sports on TV later in the day. Particularly on Sunday I’d return from errands or activities to watch whatever sport was on TV. On the west coast the sports coverage starts as early as 9AM. Today the coverage of the Scottish Open golf tournament started even earlier. I got caught up watching the match. By the time it was over it was time to cook and eat. This sort of upside down day also caught me off guard in 2017 when I was last in the Pacific Time zone. I don’t think I ever really got acclimated.

Besides watching sports on TV, I got in some reading and a couple more walks around the campground. I even found a nature trail at the back of the campground leading to a river overlook. The amount of water flowing in the river was not impressive, but the deeply cut river banks indicted that it has had a good flow in the recent past. Tomorrow I really need to get out of the campground.

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