Travel Day to the Corvallis Oregon Area

Friday July 12th 2019

I was up early this morning to prepare for travel. After a busy day touring yesterday I didn’t get any of my usual day before travel packing tasks accomplished. I didn’t rush my preparation tasks. I just worked steadily and departed Cascade Locks right at the 11AM checkout time.

Both Google and my GPS recommended Interstate 84 west to Interstate 5 south. For some reason they didn’t route me on the Interstate 205 beltway. As I crawled through Portland traffic at thirty miles an hour or less, I was rethinking my decision to follow the mapping software’s recommendation. Even after I was south of Portland on Interstate 5 traffic was very heavy and slow.

Site 89 at the Albany/Corvallis KOA.

After three hours on the road I completed my 125 mile journey. My home for the next week is at the Albany/Corvallis KOA. This is a very agriculture oriented area. On the four and a half mile drive west from the Interstate I passed many fields with freshly cut hay. I expect they will be bailing it in the next few days. This will be my base for touring. I’ll range out about a hundred miles to the west, north and east. I won’t explore quite as far to the south since that is the direction of my next stop.

Moon rising in the sky at about 9PM . The clouds are still reflecting some of the setting sun.

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