Random Wandering Kind of Day

Friday July 5th 2019

The overnight temperature has been getting down into the sixties and even the high fifties. It makes for good sleeping weather. The day time temperature makes up for it. Today the temperature peaked in the low nineties. The inside temperature with the windows open and the AC off was near 100 before I switched the AC on around five in the afternoon.

Blossoms of the day.

I spent some time in the retail district of Kennewick this afternoon. Kennewick is the biggest of the Tri-Cities at a little over 80 thousand people. Pasco is the next largest at seventy plus thousand people and Richland is in the fifty thousand range. When other communities in the area are added in the overall population is near 300 thousand people. It doesn’t really feel that big to me. There is so much open land between areas of dense packed housing.

This morning a lot of my neighbors that filled the campground last night departed. I had the false sense that the weekend was over and it was time to go back to routines. The campground is full with new arrivals tonight. I wonder if they are here for the weekend or just the night. Hopefully many will leave and I’ll get a chance at the laundry. I’ve been trying to get access to the machines since Tuesday morning. Most of the times I’ve checked all eight machines have been in use.

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