Scouting My Escape Route

Saturday July 6th 2019

The hot weather pattern of the last couple of days changed overnight. Today was cooler in the mid eighties with lots of wind and less sunshine. It still qualified as a great weather day.

McNary Lock and Dam

Today my mission was to scout my escape route for my departure on Monday. Specifically, I want to know where I can stop for gas in Washington State. The gas prices are cheaper by more than thirty cents on this side of the state line. The down side is stations seem to be fewer and more congested than I’m used to finding. The station nearest the campground might work if it isn’t busy, but with a few customers I could easily get boxed in. The two or three other places I saw on the thirteen miles to the interstate had similar issues. The first station I found with easy access was across the state line in Oregon. Tomorrow I’ll check out a few options off the main route to the interstate.

While I was out I stopped at the overlook for the McNary lock and dam on the Columbia River. It creates Lake Wallula by holding back the flow of four rivers. The Yakima, Snake and Walla Walla rivers all flow into the Columbia in the area behind the McNary Dam. About 64 miles of the Columbia river is considered part of Lake Wallula as well as the portion of the Snake River below the Ice Harbor dam.

Boat in the river below the dam.

There was a lot of water passing over the spillways at the dam. The current in the river below the dam was strong. I watched a boat cut power and drift back down the river much faster than it came toward the dam. It might have been a sight seeing boat, but I think it was just a recreational craft. Before I could figure it out, a long train came along the river between my vantage point and the river. My attention was on the train.

Two Engines in the front and two more in the rear.

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