Fireworks Everywhere

Thursday July 4th 2019

Happy Independence Day!

Today began and ended with high wispy clouds. During the middle of the afternoon the clouds dissipated and allowed the sun to heat everything up to about ninety degrees. The light breeze that was around early in the day went away with the clouds. It was an air conditioning kind of day, but I held out until it was necessary to start cooling my RV home off for sleeping tonight. Most of my neighbors were inside their RVs with all the windows closed and the AC on. As the temperature increases over the next couple of days, I may follow my neighbors example.

I was surrounded by fireworks all day. During the daylight hours it was just the loud sounds of firecrackers followed by the barking of nearby dogs. As dusk approached fireworks were being set off all around the mid Columbia River valley. Every direction I looked there were colorful fireworks near the ground. Most of the fireworks were being set off in backyards. They didn’t have a lot of rocket power to get them high into the air so only part of the shell burst was visible.

The Pasco Washington municipal fireworks show was at 10PM. They were set off about a mile from the campground and were mostly visible from the playground area. Forty or fifty people from the campground gathered to watch the show. I understand from people that had watched from the playground in past years that a new building now obstructs some of the view. The lower shell bursts were partially obstructed by the building and a tree. The higher bursts were clearly visible.

I attempted to take pictures of the fireworks, but didn’t bring my tripod or monopole. My shaky grip on the camera during the long exposure added some artistic interpretation to the pictures I’ve included below.

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