A Very Short Travel Day

Monday July 1st 2019

Today was perhaps my shortest travel day ever. It was about thirteen miles in less than twenty minutes. My time was up at Hood Park, but needing a place to stay for the Independence Day Holiday, I booked a week at the Pasco/Tri-Cities KOA.

The amenities are better here. I have a full hookup site with access to Wifi and a laundry. What I don’t have is a river view with plenty of trees and green grass. This park is a lot of concrete with a few trees and some grass between sites. The sites are close to each other and the interstate highway. Most of the sites are filled with long term residents. It is a good park in its category which is an entirely different one than my home for the last two weeks at Hood Park.

Site 14 at the Pasco/Tri-Cities KOA.

There are some up sides to staying here. I can use the parks Wifi instead of my cellular data. I don’t have to worry about conserving water in the shower or when doing dishes. Stretching my seventy gallons of water for two weeks wasn’t hard, but it does require some changes in behavior. The other good thing about this park is the opportunity to get the laundry done.

The weather for most of the last two weeks has been comfortable. Today seems to be the first day of a change in pattern. The temperature got into the low nineties. It wasn’t very comfortable packing and unpacking in the bright sun and heat. This evening a line of storms with a lot of wind moved through the area from the south. Some rain fell, but it wasn’t a full blown thunderstorm. The TV weather talkers are calling for similar weather through the week.

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