Getting Settled in Pasco WA

Tuesday July 2nd 2019

The little bit of rain over night was gone by morning. It was a bright sunny day with a high temperature in the mid eighties. It was a welcome, but surprising, relief from yesterday’s low nineties. The new forecast doesn’t have highs in the nineties again until the weekend.

Meeting of the birds along the banks of the Columbia River.

I took the bicycle and rack off the car this morning. The bike is much safer locked to the picnic table at my site than it is riding around on the back of my Honda CRV. With the bike rack off, the hatchback gate allows access to the back of the car. Whenever I’m at a location for more than a couple of nights I take the bike and rack off. Once the car was in touring trim, I drove down to the Columbia River for a little exercise walking in Columbia Park. I enjoyed the walk, but I didn’t see much activity in the river.

Looking down the Columbia River. Pasco is on the left side and Kennewick is on the right.

This campground seems to fill most of its 40 to 50 transient sites every night. This campground seems to get more long distance travelers than my last stop. Tonight I’ve have neighbors from Texas, Delaware, and Illinois. My Florida plates don’t draw nearly as much attention as they did at Hood Park. During my two weeks there I had several conversations that started with “Your along way from home” or something similar.

View up the Columbia River at the junction with the Yakima River. Interstate 182 passes over the river on the bridge.

I got the gas grill unpacked and setup this afternoon. The hamburgers I cooked for supper are the first of a series of meals from the grill. Once the grill was unpacked I consider myself settled in at my new location. All of the unpacking is done. The packing starts in five days for my Monday departure.

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