Odds and Ends Day

Sunday June 30th 2019

When I opened the blinds this morning one of my neighbors had already departed. By the time I emerged from my RV home after lingering over my breakfast coffee the campground was almost empty. The type of use this park gets continues to confuse me. I would have expected many of the people that came in on Thursday and Friday to stay for the holiday week, but this park seems to draw mostly weekenders from the nearby area. During the week people show up for a night or two, but most of them have Washington license plates. If they are travelers they haven’t traveled very far.

Once upon a time this might have been a good blossom of the day.

I finally made a run for food supplies this afternoon. One of the excuses I gave myself for not shopping yesterday was a concern for big crowds on Saturday afternoon. I don’t know what the crowd was like yesterday, but this afternoon the Walmart was packed. The aisles were full of shopping carts and most of the checkouts were open with two to three people waiting. I’ve noticed that shopping patterns vary with the region and I can’t begin to guess what drives the differences.

Cooling off in the shade.

My two weeks at this campground are up tomorrow. I’m going to move to a commercial park about twenty minutes from here for the next week. The goal is to get by the holiday week. There aren’t a lot more things I want to do and see in this area, but getting a reservation in a more touristy area proved difficult. The fact that I could get a reservation for the holiday week should have been a clue that this isn’t a great tourist area. The good thing is that there are two fireworks displays that I should be able to see on Independence Day.

With such a short distance to travel, I plan to slow roll my departure. I need to be off the site by noon. I’ll spend some additional time at the dump station and then hooking up the towed car in the Day Use area parking lot. I still might be pushing the 1PM check in time at the Tri Cities KOA.

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