A Day at Hood Park

Saturday June 29th 2019

It was a beautiful sunny day with a high temperature in the low to mid eighties and a gentle breeze. I was very comfortable sitting under the awning or one of the big trees in the park.

The only plan I had for the day was a little grocery shopping, but the lazy atmosphere of the park changed that plan. I spent the day just enjoying the park and all of the revelers. The campground was full and the day use area was very active as well. The beach area along the river had all manner of water craft. I saw kayaks, canoes, tubes, floats, a peddle boat, and paddle boards as well as all kinds of power boats. The only thing missing were sail boats. I guess the long and narrow nature of the water isn’t that great for sailing.

Boats churning up a good wake on the river.
Beach area of Hood Park.

This Corp of Engineers park is located on an old dairy farm run by the Hood family. It provided milk to the area during the first half of the twentieth century. When the Corp of Engineers started to dam this area of the Columbia River the farm lost some of its area along the river. The property was turned over to the government and eventually became a park.

Kids and parents watching the Saturday night movie.
Sun getting low in the sky across the beach and river.

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