Where is the the road sign?

Friday June 28th 2019

It rained a little off and on over night, but by morning it was a nice sunny day. The temperature eventually reached the mid seventies.

Today’s wildflower blossom.

Today I went in search of the site of the powerboat races in Richland this weekend. I found Howard Amon park on the banks of the Columbia River, but didn’t stop. I was already past the entrance road before I saw the park sign. This is not the first time I’ve been confounded by missing or poorly placed signs in this area. Many of direction signs are small and located on the corner beyond the intersection. I would expect them before the intersection so you could prepare to turn. Even on the Interstate Highways that have to conform to particular standards the signs in Washington state are less helpful than some. They seem to want to use the name of the road and not the assigned route number.

In general I’ve noticed that each state I travel in is a little different. It takes some time to get used to the characteristics of each state. I tend not to use a GPS until I’m frustrated or “lost”. My normal approach is to look at a map ahead of time and memorize route numbers or important intersections. If I’m driving the RV, I might write the key information down so I can refresh my memory on the fly. My threshold for using the GPS is also a little lower when I’m driving the RV. Truthfully, I never really consider myself lost. I just fail to find my desired location or get to explore the area longer before I arrive at my destination.

The campground continued to fill up for the weekend. It occurred to me that I am surrounded by real campers. There are more tents in this campground than I’m used to seeing. Many of the weekenders seem to be from nearby. They aren’t here for the destination, but for the experience of being with friends and family under the stars. So far there haven’t been any wild parties.

Sunset across the Snake River.

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