Today wasn’t Friday.

Thursday June 27th 2019

It was raining off and on when I went to bed last night and the pattern continued this morning. It was not an outdoor kind of day until afternoon. The sun finally broke through around 1PM. Looking toward the west, north and east there were big banks of clouds on the horizon. The south was the only area that was clear. Luckily that was the direction the weather was coming from.

These little white blossoms are all over the beach area.

The gloomy start to the day lead to another slow day. I spent the rainy part of the day reading with the TV on for background noise. Once the weather cleared up I walked around the park a couple of times. Campers were lined up to check in for the weekend. It made perfect sense to me, I thought it was Friday all day. It wasn’t until I tried to find Friday night TV programs that I realized it was Thursday. TV programs are the only real calendar structure in my life.

Pelican coming in for a landing.

The campground shows signs of being a real party place this weekend. Most of the sites are already full to overflowing. There are a couple of sites that have three or more tents surrounding a trailer. I’m surprised that this campground doesn’t have the RV and one tent limit that other campgrounds apply. In other areas of the campground the groups are spread out across several sites with all of the picnic tables gathered at one site for communal meals. I’m sure that more weekenders will arrived tomorrow.

Where’s my lunch?

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