Rain Interrupted Day

Wednesday June 26th 2019

I got another slow start to the day this morning. Unlike Tuesday I pushed my self to get through breakfast and out of the campground. Today I went across the Columbia River to Columbia Park in Kennewick WA. The park stretches for 4.5 miles along the south shore of the Columbia River. This is the same bank of the river that would be on the west side of the north south portion of the river and the north side of the river when it is flowing west toward the Pacific Ocean. In the tri cities area the river swings to the east before returning to the south then swinging to the west as it enters Oregon.

Route 395 bridge across the Columbia River.
Wildflower with an nice star pattern.
Wildflower blossom of the day.

The park is a green area of the city between the railroad and the river. There is a big playground for the kids, a golf course and a disc golf course. I enjoyed a walk on the trail along the river. My walk was interrupted when it started to rain. By the time I got back to my car the rain had stopped, but I was already wet. I returned to my RV home to close the vents and make sure the rain wasn’t coming in the windows.

View up river to the west northwest.
Rose of the day.

The area was under a Severe Thunderstorm watch all afternoon. A lot of interesting cloud formations passed through the area, but I never saw any lightening and only heard thunder once. With the exception of a few sprinkles the rain held off until night fall. A few showers have come and gone in the two hours since sunset. The storms have managed to drop the temperature from the high seventies to the low sixties.

Tug and barge getting ready to leave the far bank of the Snake River opposite Hood Park.

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