Another Day of Touring in the Tri Cities Area

Saturday June 22nd 2019

I got a slow start this morning. It was nearly noon before I left the campground to see more of the sights in the area. Because of the late start I didn’t wander a long distance from the tri cities area. I followed the roads along the east/south bank of the Columbia river back into Oregon. It goes from farm lands to deep canyons within a few short miles. Eventually the terrain returns to rolling hills. The river is wide and calm behind the McNary Lock and Dam. Traffic and unmarked turnouts made it impossible for me to stop, but it was a pretty drive.

The campground was very lively this weekend.

The campground is very lively this weekend. There are many multiple site groups with lots of kids running between sites. A very family oriented atmosphere prevails. There was even a Saturday night movie for the kids at the amphitheater. Tomorrow morning is likely going to be very busy with people trying to beat the noon checkout time.

Two engines moving along the rails (left to right) looking for a train. Over the next half an hour they did a lot of horn blowing as they hooked onto a number of rail cars at the fuel tank area just up river.
Sun getting low in the sky behind the grain storage.

I hope to get a better start tomorrow morning so I can travel further away on my touring. The temperature is forecast to be a little cooler on an overall cloudier day.

Sun setting across the Snake river.

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