Slow Sunday at Home

Sunday June 23rd 2019

I managed to get up in plenty of time to get a good start on touring, but my energy level, ambition or both weren’t up to the task. Knowing that I’m in this area for another two weeks allows me to procrastinate. If I was only planning to be here for a few days I’d be more active.

Pelican swimming in the Snake River.

The early part of the day was sunny and calm. It made it very easy to spend extra time over breakfast and my morning coffee. By early afternoon waves of clouds with strong winds moved through the area. It would get darker and the wind would blow hard for a twenty minutes to an hour, before the sun returned. This pattern repeated several times before darkness arrived.

Pelican in flight.

The campground emptied out quickly this morning. RVs started passing my site on their way out before eight this morning. At the noon checkout time the park looked to be about two thirds empty. Later in the day new arrivals brought the occupancy up over half full. I suspect tomorrow will be another day with a lot of turn over.


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