More Exploring in the Washington Tri Cities Area

Friday June 21st 2019

After a little more overnight rain it turned into a cloudy first two thirds of the day. The clouds didn’t allow the temperature to climb very high. Late in the day the clouds started to break up and the high temperature of the day in the low seventies was reached. Tomorrow is forecast to be closer to normal high temperatures in the eighties.

Clouds starting to break up to the southwest over the Snake River about 3:30PM.

The climate in the Tri-cities area of Washington is very arid. It is located in the rain shadow of the Cascade Mountains. Most of the area is very brown and dusty. The exception is areas that are irrigated. One example is this park on the side of the Snake River. It has many big mature trees that draw water from the river. The park staff also makes liberal use of the river water to run sprinklers that keep much of the area lush with green grass. The area to the east and north of here roughly parallel to the rivers path is also well irrigated.

On a drive to the east I passed acres and acres of farm land. I’m not great at recognizing crops, but the grape vineyards were easy to identify. Across the road from the rows of grape vines were well manicured and controlled fruit trees. I think they were apple trees, but might be something else. The fruit was still small and not really identifiable. There were also acres of plants that appeared to be potatoes. As I got further from the rivers path the crops changed to ones I would assume require less water. This area was dedicated to grass and grains. All of the planted acreage had more kinds of irrigation equipment than I could ever imagine.

Tugboat heading down the Snake River after delivering a barge up river.

The campground is full for the weekend. Almost everyone is from Washington state with a few Oregon thrown in. I think I’m the only traveler in the park this weekend. My neighbor asked what someone from Florida was doing in this area. It turned into a weird conversation. I don’t think he ever considered that someone from another part of the country might want to visit his home area. Maybe I’m unusual, but this is the type of campground I like. Going a little way out of my way to stay in a nice Corp of Engineers Park on a river is worth it to me.

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