A Low Ambition Day

Wednesday June 19th 2019

Today’s temperature only made it into the lower half of the eighties. It was a much more comfortable day than the previous two. Late in the day the wind picked up and cooled things down even more. Tomorrow may be cooler.

Bracing against the wind.

I’m finally acclimated to the Pacific Time zone. Ever since I crossed into this time zone last Friday, I’ve been waking up and getting up early. This morning I didn’t wake up until after 8AM. As a result my day started slowly and my ambition level was low most of the day. During the afternoon I took a walk along the park nature trail. It was a nice walk, but I missed seeing any plants in blossom or any kind of animal life. Listening told me that there were birds and possibly frogs, but I didn’t see any of them. Later in the day I saw one lone seagull along the river. I guess that will have to satisfy my wildlife viewing desire for the day.

This campground doesn’t have water hookups at each site. You are expected to use your own tanks or use water jugs filled from one of the water taps scattered throughout the campground. My campsite is next to one of the taps. It may come in handy if my tank gets low, but right now it’s an annoyance. The two little boys at the next campsite know how to turn it on, but can’t seem to figure out how to turn it off. Most of the time their parents come out to close the faucet and get the kids home. I’ve had to shut it off once. My new neighbors across the street have upped the ante. The grandmother brought her two young grand kids over to the water tap to play. She showed the kids how to fill spray bottles with water. It wasn’t long before the kids were standing under the water faucet getting soaked while she watched from the road ten feet away from the splashing water. This is a desert area. Isn’t water conservation an important concept?

My low level of ambition today kept me from getting out of the campground. I’m starting to run low on supplies. Tomorrow I’ll have to at least make a grocery run, but hopefully I’ll start to form a touring plan for the area. With more than two weeks planned in the area, I’ve been slow getting out and touring.

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