Some Touring and Chores

Wednesday June 12th 2019

The temperature got down into the high fifties overnight, but it warmed up quickly this morning. The temperature peaked in the low eighties during the late afternoon. The predicted chance of thundershowers never materialized.

This was a day with a divided purpose. I got in some touring of the area and I got some chores done too. After breakfast this morning I set out on a drive up US93 to the northwest. It’s a nice drive through broad valleys with tall mountains on both sides. There is a combination of open land, ranch land and farm land on the valley floor. You pass through small towns with population counts well less than a thousand. Some were closer to one hundred. The town of Acro, that I’m staying in, has three or four gas stations a couple with convenience stores, but any shopping of significance is a long way away. I don’t think the valleys would be a nice place to be in the winter. If you don’t head south in the winter, you’d have to hibernate most of the time.

When I got back from my one hundred and sixty mile drive, I settled in to complete a few chores. It has been a while since I caught up on the laundry. Today was the day. I got two loads done this afternoon. It will be close to three weeks before I’m at another campground that I know will have laundry facilities. I don’t run out of clean clothes. I run out of places to stash the dirty clothes once the hamper is full.

I also spent some time on the computer making a couple of more summer reservations and working on finalizing a few others. I’m all set most of the way through July, but then it gets sketchy. This afternoon I took a reverse approach and started searching for a place for the Labor day holiday weekend. Once I get that filled, I’ll back fill the month of August from that fixed location. I’ve got a couple of leads that I’ll think about tonight and probably act on tomorrow.

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