Travel Day to Arco Idaho

Tuesday June 11th 2019

This morning I finished packing the RV and dumped my holding tanks in preparation for travel. I got on the road about ten. It was a good travel day with a sunny sky, but the sun was never in my eyes and the glare was manageable.

Most of my travel was north on Interstate 15. The road goes north in the Salt Lake valley through farm and ranch lands. Near the Utah Idaho boarder the road climbs over some mountains before leveling off on the Snake River plain in Idaho. The I-15 corridor on the plain is mostly farm land with a few ranches thrown in on the mountain sides. At the community of Blackfoot I turned west on US highway 26. This road gradually moves out of farm land into more rock and desert land.

View out my front window as I head west out of Blackfoot Idaho.

I’m staying in Arco Idaho for the next three nights. It is on the west side of the Snake River Plain where the mountains start again. To the west and north of here are some of the highest mountains in the state. To transition into Montana northwest of here you need to cross to the east side of the continental divide. That mysterious line of water flow direction makes some real twists in this area.

Site B-4 at the Craters of the Moon Arco KOA.

I’ve stayed at the Craters of the Moon Arco KOA before. When I couldn’t find a suitable place to stay on the Interstate 84 corridor across Idaho, I returned to this campground. I enjoyed my stay in the area in 2017. I probably will not return to Craters of the Moon National Monument on this visit, but I’m thinking of driving into the mountains possible to Sun Valley.

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