Enjoying Utah Lake State Park

Tuesday June 4th 2019

The day began with temperatures in the high fifties. It was a bright sunny day that raised the temperature to around 80 by late afternoon. There were scattered big fluffy clouds in the area most of which hugged the mountains.

Wasactch Range to the east of Utah lake.

I spent the day enjoying the Utah Lake State Park. I took a couple of walks around the marina and along the Provo River that empties into the lake beside the park. The marina was dredged in the first few months of 2018 which is probably the source of all the dirt where the ‘A’ camping loop used to be located. The marina was getting pretty good use for a weekday in early June. There were a number of groups enjoying water sports on the lake. The Provo River is running fast and the lake level seems to be fairly high.

Ducks in the Provo River.

It was a good relaxing day to prepare to move on tomorrow. I’m moving about one hundred miles to another Utah State Park north of Ogden. Checkout here is not until 2PM, so I plan to stay until around noon before getting on the road north.

Aligent Air 737 coming in for a landing at the Provo Airport. Most of the planes are little single engine craft, but a few bigger ones like this 737 use the airport.
Sunset over Utah Lake.

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