Travel Day to Willard Bay State Park

Wednesday June 5th 2019

Today was a travel day filled with annoyances. Nothing happened of consequence just things that could of gone better.

I pulled out of Utah Lake State Park at quarter to twelve. It was earlier than I’d intended, but I wasn’t about to sit around watching the clock once I was ready to travel. The early departure would have an impact later.

Wildflower blossom of the day

My route north was through the entire Salt Lake City metro area. Only the last ten miles or so were out of the heavy city traffic. I needed to buy gas along the way. The place I scoped out ahead of time was a lot closer to the center of Salt Lake City than I realized. Getting off and on the Interstate was a challenge. There was a great deal of lunch hour traffic on the road, but I really needed gas. I put two whole credit card authorizations worth of gas into the tank. I didn’t attempt a third pass of the credit card. The second pass is often refused, so my odds of getting the third pass approved were slim. The credit card company’s anti-fraud software isn’t the most predictable thing in the world. The two authorizations bought a little over fifty gallons of gas which brought the gauge into the full area. With the higher price of gas in this area I should buy gas shortly after the needle passes half a tank.

I arrived at the Willard Bay State Park just before two. This is when my earlier than planned departure bit me. The rules for this park are no check-ins before 3PM. The gate attendant wouldn’t check me in. I had to make a u-turn with the motorhome and towed car and wait off property until check in time. A rest area on the highway just north of the state park provided a refuge while I watched the hour click away. I returned shortly after 3PM and checked in with no problem. I have a full hookup site for the next six nights.

Site 70 in the Cottonwood Campground at the Willard Bay State Park just south of Brigham City Utah.

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