Travel Day to Provo UT

Monday June 3rd 2019

Today was a travel day to Utah Lake State Park in Provo Utah. I left Red Canyon Village Campground just before 9:30 this morning. I only had about a four hour drive, so I had intended to depart a little later. Everybody around me was packing up and departing this morning. It caused me to get started with the finished packing a little earlier than I’d planned. Getting started was complicated by the after effect of yesterday’s hikes. My calves (spelled correctly in this blog entry) really complained when I first got moving. As long as I kept moving the pain went away.

First snow topped mountain of the drive. The road passed around it to the right (east).
Another snow topped mountain in front of my direction of travel on Interstate 15 north. The road passes along the Wasatch range on the west side.

Traffic was light until I reached Utah’s major population center in the Wasatch Front. I found time to enjoy the drive and take a few pictures out the bug covered front window of my motorhome. The most complicated part of the drive was crossing the mountain range at the end of Interstate 70. It was a long haul up the slope complicated by the parts of the road under construction. In the one lane areas I had a few cars backed up behind my slow pace.

Site 16 at the Utah Lake State Park.
This Gambel’s Quail is one of my neighbors.

I arrived at Utah Lake State Park around 1:30. There wasn’t anyone staffing the park entry station, but I had a prepaid reservation and knew what site I was assigned. Finding my site and getting set up was not difficult. Later in the day I went back and formally checked in. I spent a week or so at this park in 2017, but the area I parked is now covered with ten feet or more of gravel. Finding out why is now on my curiosity list. This is just a two night stop on my way north.

View from my front yard.

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