Last Day of Touring in Bryce Canyon NP

Sunday June 2nd 2019

Today was cloudier and cooler than yesterday. The temperature peaked in the high sixties and a few of the clouds dropped some rain on the area. None of the showers lasted more than a couple of minutes and the sun was still shinning during some of them.

I got an early start for my last day of touring in Bryce Canyon National Park. My goal to get ahead of the crowds was partially successful. I managed to get a parking space at each of the viewing areas I stopped at, but I still was stuck in line for more than few minutes at the fee collection booths. By mid afternoon I had checked out all of the viewing areas in the park that I hadn’t visited in the past. I skipped the very busy Sunrise and Sunset viewing areas that I have visited on previous trips. The other thing I didn’t get to do was hike the trails below the canyon rim. I made another short test walk below the rim, but I’m clearly not conditioned for an extended hike. My calfs are complaining and I was puffing heavily on the climb back to the top of the canyon wall.

Back at camp this afternoon I started to prepare for travel tomorrow. The bicycle is loaded on the car and the gas grill has been stowed in the basement storage. I moving a little over two hundred miles to the Provo Utah area in the morning.

Bryce Point

Paria View

Inspiration Point

Fairyland Point

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