Two Hikes and Lots of Pictures

Saturday June 1st 2019

After several cloudy and rainy days, the sun finally became the dominant component to the day. The day began with a clear blue sky. A few puffy white clouds moved through the area during the day, but the sun won the battle for the sky. The temperature peaked around seventy.

I started the day with a hike on the Mossy Cave trail. It is located on Utah Rt 12 in the northeast part of Bryce Canyon National Park. It is not in the main plateau area of the park so it gets fewer visitors. It was an enjoyable hike along a flowing river. The Mossy Cave is supposed to be spectacular at colder times of the year. All of the accumulated ice had melted by June 1st. The best part of the hike was the towering canyon walls, spires, hoodoos, and windows along the river leading to the waterfall. There is still a high volume of water in the river.

After hiking the Mossy Cave trail I drove into the main part of Bryce Canyon NP. I was rapidly reminded that today was Saturday. Traffic was very heavy with a long backup at the fee station. The first parking lot I tried to park in was overflowing. The only way I was going to see the things I wanted was to park in the large lot outside the park and ride the shuttle bus into and around the park. That wasn’t a very appealing choice, so I’ll plan on getting into the park early tomorrow.

On the way back to my RV home I stopped at the Red Canyon Visitors Center again. I managed to take the hike along the canyon walls that I started in the rain on Thursday. The trail climbs through the trees and rock formations along the rock walls. It gains a few hundred feet in altitude and provides a good view of the area.

I took a lot of pictures on both hikes. A few of the better pictures that represent the terain are included below.

Mossy Cave Trail

Red Canyon Pink Ledges Trail

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