Driving Through Two of America’s Biggest Cities

Monday May 20th 2019

Another day and I’m another 290 miles further west. I got started a little after 9am. The rush hour through Houston was over and although traffic was heavy it moved right along. I took Interstate 10 through the middle of the metropolis. The only real tricky part is staying out of the lanes that end in an off ramp. I try to stay in a middle lane, which means I need to keep my speed consistent with the traffic.

My least favorite view on the highway; stopped traffic.

I actually encountered more traffic in San Antonio at the tail end of the lunch hour. The last time I went west through the San Antonio area I took a loop road around to the north. This time I took Interstate 10 through the middle of everything. I didn’t have any issues, but I don’t think I’ll use that route again. It isn’t a very straight route through the city and it has a number of sections of double high roads. Instead of adding lanes side by side they added lanes above the original roadway. I’d really be happier if I could avoid Houston and San Antonio all together. The bad weather to the north makes this the best route this time around.

The only real traffic issue I had today was the back up for an accident about halfway between Houston and San Antonio. A compact car found the barrier along the side of the right lane in a construction zone to be an immovable object. It didn’t look to be very bad. Traffic was getting by very slowly until the emergency crews arrived. Two police cars, a fire truck, an ambulance and a rescue squad truck squeezed by my RV on the right side getting to the accident scene. Shortly after that traffic stopped for fifteen to twenty minutes before returning to slowly snaking by the accident scene. As I went by everybody seemed to be standing around talking. There was no wrecker on scene to remove the mangled car, so the traffic backup was probably getting worse instead of better. In the end I was probably just far enough back to not be involved in the accident, but close enough to get through without a longer delay.

My biggest problem today was the wind. A strong twenty plus mile an hour wind was blowing from the south. In the open farming and cattle areas between the two big cites the wind was hitting me broad side. It required a lot of left steering wheel pressure to keep the RV in the travel lane. Additional wind gusts added to the difficulty. Traveling north from San Antonio the wind was at my back which is probably the best direction for dealing with wind, but once I turned back to the west it was a bigger problem. In the hill country west of San Antonio the wind gets funneled and focused to be dangerous. I stopped for the night before it got really bad.

Site 30 at the Kerrville KOA Journey.

I’m at the Kerrville KOA for the night. I’ve stopped here twice before. It’s an OK stop for the night, but it isn’t very big or luxurious. The forecast calls for morning thunderstorms in this area. Hopefully I can get out before or between them and continue my journey west. The wind is only forecast to be around fifteen miles per hour tomorrow.

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