Travel to Van Horn TX

Tuesday May 21st 2019

I made it to the West Texas town of Van Horn tonight. The 365 mile drive was a little over six hours. The first half was pretty scenery and the second half was hard driving.

Wildflowers in the median.

The day started with a thunderstorm around 7AM. It flushed out the humidity and left a nice day for driving. Yesterday’s wind was gone during the first part of my drive this morning. Traffic was very light and wild flowers lined the median and sides of the highway. I was maintaining a comfortable sixty five mile per hour speed letting the traffic that wanted to cruise pass me by.

I stay between 62 and 66.

About halfway to Van Horn the wind returned with a vengeance. I learned from the TV this evening that the wind was around 30mph out of the WSW with higher gusts. Most of the time the wind direction with respect to my direction of travel was manageable. It was either off the drivers corner or a dead on head wind. On occasion it hit more broadside like it was yesterday. That is the hardest wind to handle. The head wind just requires more gas to cut through it. For example, I was traveling on level ground with the cruise control on when the transmission had to down shift to maintain speed. Just adding gas couldn’t maintain the speed.

Site G-6 at the Van Horn RV Park.

I arrived at the Van Horn RV Park at 3:20. I’ve stopped at this park before and knew it would be easy to get a site so I didn’t make a reservation. There is plenty of room here tonight. Getting setting up in the wind was interesting. I didn’t extend the big slide out room because I didn’t want to listen to the slide topper awning flap in the wind. As I’m writing this blog entry the wind has calmed down to a light breeze, but will be back tomorrow.

Proof that I’m back in the desert south west,
Cactus blossom.

Tomorrow I’m only going 170 miles to the west side of El Paso. The time changes again when I enter the Mountain time zone a few miles west of Van Horn, so I don’t need to get an early start. I plan to stay there until Friday morning before moving on to Albuquerque for the weekend.

Rose blossom of the day,

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