Travel Day to the Houston Area

Sunday May 12th 2019

It rained a little overnight, but mother nature left the worst for daylight. Around seven this morning a severe thunderstorm warning along with a tornado watch was issued by the National Weather Service for the Baton Rouge area.

I did a few outside travel preparation tasks before it started to rain and I pulled in the slide out rooms. With the slides in the wind can’t flap in the slide top awnings and the rain water can’t accumulate on them. I then retreated inside to wait for the storm front to pass by. A few other RVs packed up and left before the storm and a couple left during the worst of the storm. I’d rather be parked in the RV park than out on the road during a severe storm.

The worst of the storm went by to the north. A tornado warning was issued for an area about ten miles north of my location. The main line of storms was over by nine, but it was still raining. I finished my packing in the rain and pulled out of the RV park a couple of minutes after ten. I drove west ten to fifteen miles in a medium rain before it cleared up. During the rest of the journey I drove through a few brief showers.

A few miles of stop and go traffic.

Interstate 10 west of Baton Rouge is not in great condition. Most of the road surface is concrete. Many sections of road have been patched with uneven results. In other areas all of the expansion joints have separated and raised. The result is a very uncomfortable ride. At times I had to slow way down to keep control of the RV. Above sixty on the seventy mile an hour speed limit road I often thought the RV wanted to become airborne.

Site 6 at the Houston Leisure RV Resort in Highlands TX

After 260 miles and almost six hours including two twenty minute or more periods of stop and go traffic, I arrived at my destination for the night. I’m at the Houston Leisure RV Resort in Highlands TX just east of Houston. The park is primarily for long term residents, but they have a few sites for travelers. Tomorrow after rush hour I’ll drive through Houston then San Antonio a few hours later.

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