Another Slow Day and More Planning

Saturday May 11th 2019

I’m not sure where the week went. If it wasn’t for the different morning TV programs, I wouldn’t have realize this was Saturday. Each day this week has blended in with the last. Today’s temperature was a little higher. It peaked in the low nineties, but a good breeze and some cloud cover allowed it to be comfortable. We even had one two minute rain shower.

Today’s blossoms.

The campground had a yard sale from 9AM – 1PM that was open to the public. The residents were encouraged to have a table up near the main road to sell their accumulated “junk”. I believe the profits were shared with charity somehow. It didn’t seem to be very well supported. I only saw about four tables setup from my long distance vantage point. There may have been more. I didn’t visit the sale since I’m trying to get rid of stuff not acquire more.

In between baseball and golf watching on TV, I was back in travel planning mode today. The current challenge is selecting places to stay that balance length of stay, availability and plenty of things to see and do in the area. Ideally I would like to stay a week or two in a given location. The complication is that I’ve waited too long to make reservations to get long stays in popular locations. I end up having to break up may stay at different places in the same general area. Right now I’m moving south along the I-5 corridor in Oregon during July and north along the coast in August, before returning over the Cascades to the east in the first half of September. The second half of September into October I’ll move south through the high desert to Reno for a couple of weeks. Hopefully I won’t be at altitude when the snow starts to arrive. With that outline in mind, I’m working from both ends making plans. I anticipate spending the winter in Las Vegas similar to two years ago.

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