Another Slow Day

Friday May 10th 2019

It was a little more humid and a little warmer today. The forecast thunderstorms didn’t happen. The front that is dumping rain on the Houston TX area isn’t moving as fast as anticipated. The forecast now calls for an increasing chance of thunderstorms each day with the front likely to pass over the area Sunday night or Monday. The forecast daily high temperature is also moving up into the above normal range in the low nineties.

Tree blossom to brighten the the green leaves.

I got a slow start this morning. It was the lunch hour before I was ready to open the door to the outside world. By then it was too warm outside in the sun to get much done. Instead I set out in the car with no particular destination in mind. I traveled about sixty miles in a loop to the southeast of the campground. It was a nice drive but I can’t say I saw anything memorable. There were a few small towns, lots of trees and a few bodies of water that looked pretty swampy.

A little wildflower blossom.

Despite my skepticism yesterday the campground has filled up quite a bit for the weekend. A steady stream of rigs arrived all afternoon. The campground even has an event planned for Mothers Day. When I walked around this evening, most of the empty sites were recently occupied by long term residents. My guess is the sites are still paid for or haven’t been put back on the available list.

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