Getting Ready to Move on

Sunday May 12th 2019

It was a cloudy humid day with a few passing showers. Without full sun, the temperature only got into the mid eighties. Tonight and tomorrow the rain is forecast to get more wide spread.

I tried to get a few errands accomplished today, but found more places closed then I expected. In this area many of the non chain stores are closed on Sunday. I’ve gotten used to urban and resort areas where everything seems to be open on Sundays. In the abstract I’m in favor of places closing on Sunday, but when I want something it is nice when they’re open.

I use a clear elbow on the sewer hose to know when the tank has been flushed clean.

Before things outside got to wet, I packed a lot of things away. I’m moving tomorrow so I began the travel preparation process. The gas grill is stored away and the bicycle has been loaded onto its carrier on the back of the car. I also took the time to dump and flush the holding tanks. I don’t flush the black tank every time I dump, but it’s good to do it often to prevent solids from building up in the tank. I probably not going to get another opportunity to flush the tank for another week or so.

Colorful ground cover blossoms.

Tomorrow I’m moving less than forty miles to a state park. It’s more my kind of campground and is also a bit cheaper, but is hard to get reservations on short notice. I was able to get three nights. It’s closer to Gainesville so I’ll be able to finish up some of the things I need to complete before I head out on my summer travels. As of now, I plan to start west on Thursday.

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