What’s a Little Train Noise?

Thursday May 9th 2019

It was another great weather day very similar to the last few. The forecast had a higher chance of afternoon thundershowers, but they didn’t materialize. Tomorrow the chance of afternoon showers increases.

A little spring and summer color.

I spent most of the day working on getting things ready for my summertime travel. So far I’m doing far more rearranging stuff than eliminating junk. That would be OK if I’m only rearranging the stuff that I really need. I still have too much of the “it might come in handy” thought process to be as ruthless as I should be. The proper approach would be get rid of anything I haven’t used in the last year.

The campground doesn’t seem to be filling up for the weekend as fast as the last couple of weekends. The last two Thursday nights more sites were full and most of them stayed for the weekend. This doesn’t strike me as a destination park for people from the area. Unless you have business in the community there isn’t a lot of things to draw you to the area. It’s a good place for Snowbirds that don’t want to go deep into the state and it is very good for travelers on US 301 cutting diagonally across the state from the I-95 east coast to the I-75 west coast route.

Blossom of the day.

The nearby trains may bother some people. Many trains pass by every day. You can’t see them from the campground, but you can hear them. The sounds of train whistles as they approach and cross various roads is easy to hear. The actual rumble of the wheels on the rails can also be heard most of the time. Based on sound there are some long trains going by. I haven’t seen any trains in this area. I have seen long trains on the same track both north and south of town. There is a big rail yard north of hear near the intersection of US 301 with Interstate 10. Two trains have passed by as I’ve been writing this blog post.

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