Getting Ready for Travel

Wednesday May 8th 2019

The good weather continues. Today was another day with a high temperature in the upper half of the eighties and low humidity. The only difference from the last couple of days was a strong breeze that kept the outside temperature comfortable.

This bush was green when I arrived two weeks ago. I’m not sure if this yellow color is a blossom or the bush is in distress, but it looks pretty.

I probably should have opened some windows and allowed the breeze to keep the inside of the RV comfortable too, but I switched into AC mode this past weekend. I’ve been keeping the RV windows shut and the AC on during the day. At night the AC is off and bedroom windows are open. I know I’ll have to be in AC mode as I travel west into the desert areas between the mountain ranges, so I might as well get used to it. The adjustment primarily impacts my sinuses. I get a little congested moving between the blowing cold AC air and the non AC space until I get used to it. My box of Kleenex has gone from full to nearly empty over the last few days. This is routine for me and I’m already starting to adapt.

On the getting ready to travel front, I worked on sorting through another couple of basement storage bins. This time I’m committing to getting rid of a few things I’ve been dragging around the country with me for the last three plus years. I’m not sure why I had a large plastic bag with several pairs of old shoes with me. Some of them date back to the late nineties. Either I was supposed to take them to Goodwill when I was cleaning out my house, or I was feeling overly sentimental about old shoes. Either way they’re going to Goodwill or the dumpster now.

Right now, I’m targeting a departure from this area a week from today. I’m only booked here until Monday, so I’ll either have to extend or move to a different campground for a couple of nights. I’m trying to plan my departure so I can travel through the Dallas TX area on a Sunday. Leaving a day later I can still make the Sunday in Dallas, but I’ll have longer travel days.

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