Grocery Day

Tuesday May 7th 2019

Today turned into a grocery shopping day. I really only needed a few things, but that makes the task harder. There is only so much room to store food in my RV. I have to resist the impulse buy or the urge to stock up on common items. I have to be careful to only replace what I use. If I want to try something new I need to consider the storage issue. Surprisingly, the place I have the most available space is in the refrigerator. My motorhome has a full size residential refrigerator instead of an RV specific unit. As long as I don’t keep a lot of never going to be used leftovers I have lots of room in the frig for things that don’t mind the cold like bread, pastries and similar things.

Puffy clouds arrived with the afternoon.
A little while later the clouds thickened,
A few really dark clouds arrived, but as evening arrived it cleared.

I’m not sure I succeeded in not over buying. I came home with a lot more than the few things I needed when I went in the Walmart door. The good news is everything found a home in the RV. I don’t have extra stuff sitting on the counter. This was my last shopping trip for a fixed location in a while. Next week I start my summer travels. Until I stop at one place for more than three or four days I won’t be getting the gas grill out or doing a lot of cooking. Most of my meals will be sandwiches and simple things. After a long day of travel the last thing I want to do is cook an elaborate meal. When I’m really tired, I have a few frozen dinners in the freezer. My next visit to the grocery store will be to make sure I have the food items I need for traveling. That includes snacks to eat while I’m driving or stuck in traffic.

Most of my focus over the next few days is going to be on getting ready to travel. I need to make sure the basement storage bins are not over loaded and are organized for travel. Things tend to accumulate without you realizing it. Getting rid of excess stuff means getting rid of weight. Less weight generally means better handling and better fuel mileage for the motorhome. I have to be ready to hit the road by the end of next week, but if I can, I’d like to leave earlier.

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