Signs of Spring with Summer Heat

Monday May 6th 2019

Yesterday’s rain storms changed the humidity level from oppressive to nice. Today’s temperature is still high around ninety under a sunny sky, but for the next few days the humidity is forecast to be low. The lightening forecast returns for the weekend which means humidity.

Last year I left Florida the last week of April. As I moved north the weather conditions deteriorated quickly. It got to be very rainy in Tennessee, Kentucky and Indiana. This year I’ve chosen to remain in Florida a few weeks longer to allow all the rain storms moving across the country to stabilize a little. I’m not sure that I’ll be successful. This year my westward journey will start toward the end of next week. I may be dodging severe weather in the portion of Tornado Alley I pass through in Texas. The other observation is that the Florida weather is getting warmer than I remember from last year.

Purple blossoms lining the sides of a winding country dirt road.

Today I took a drive south to the Ocala area. I stopped at a State Forrest recreation area along the way. The sides of the road out to a fishing area on a lake were lined with purple blossoms. It was very spring like and pretty. Another positive sign of the season was a very large U-Pick Blueberry patch along route 301. A negative sign of the season was all the bugs on the my windshield and front grill of my car at the end of the trip. I didn’t see any swarms as I was driving, but I must have driven through a couple.

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