It’s getting hot in Florida

Wednesday May 1st 2019

Today was another great weather day. It was very similar to yesterday with a high temperature in the upper half of the eighties. For some reason, I was really feeling the heat today. I had one of the air conditioners on all day. Up until today, I’ve only run the AC for an hour or so late in the day to bring the inside temperature down. The last time I ran the AC all day was probably in August. I didn’t need it in the northeast last fall and by the time I got to Florida it had cooled down.

An interesting rock garden or sculpture here at the campground.

The last couple of days there have been a large number of departures from the campground. The winter residents that were paying monthly rates left in mass with the change from April to May. There are still a few snowbirds here as well as RVs used on the weekends by people from the nearby cities of Jacksonville and Gainesville. The sites still fill up some every night with travelers and I’m sure it will be near full on the weekends.

I completed booking reservations for the first part of my summer travel season. The issue I had with booking in Idaho was resolved today. I’ll stay three nights in Arco Idaho near Craters of the Moon National Monument. I enjoyed my stay there in the spring of 2017. The other three days I’ll spend a few miles into Oregon at a state park along the historic Oregon trail. The second stop on my way across Oregon will actually be a few miles over the state line in Washington at the confluence of the Snake and Columbia rivers. I’ve booked three weeks at two different campgrounds through the eighth of July. The rivers and associated lakes behind the dams in the area have a lot of recreational opportunities and many other things are within a hundred and fifty mile radius. Now I’m working on the rest of July.

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