A Cloudy and Slow Day

Thursday May 2nd 2019

Clouds were the dominant theme for today’s weather. There was a brief period of sunshine and a brief period of heavy mist. The operative word was humidity. According to the TV weather talkers a tropical low formed over the Bahamas and is moving across and up the Florida peninsular. There was a very low chance of it intensifying into a tropical depression and an even lower chance of it becoming a hurricane. I guess summer weather is really here.

The water level in the algae filled retention pond at the campground is low.

This is a nice campground, but it really is right in the middle of the small city of Starke. The north side of the campground is the back of a shopping center and the south side is residential. The back of the campground has a retention pond with a low water level that isn’t attracting much in the way of wildlife. I haven’t been able to get my nature fix at the campground. In similar situations I have been able to find parks or lakes in the area that I can visit. Just sitting in a nature setting for a few minutes watching the birds or even the squirrels do their thing is a good way to recharge. I haven’t found anything like that in this community. The nearest places to visit with nature I’ve found are more than twenty miles away.

Besides dealing with the weather and looking for nature, I spent some time reviewing my travel plans. I’m happy with the reservations I’ve made and started to look at extending my planning into July and August. By September I want to back on the east side of the Cascades on my way south. My planning is complicated by lack of knowledge of the terrain. I’m always concerned with mountain driving in the motorhome. I prefer to park the RV in the flat or gently rolling country side and drive my car into the mountains. The other thing that keeps getting in my way is my cloudy memory of horror stories I’ve read on the internet. I know that many people have written about road troubles they had driving in Oregon and Washington. I just don’t remember the specifics. Consequently, I’m researching every road choice I make other than the Interstates. Once I’ve been up there once, the second trip will be easier.

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