My Planning Saga Continues

Tuesday April 30th 2019

My day got off to a bad start this morning. One of the campground staff decided to run a leaf blower not to far from my windows just after 8AM this morning. Normally I’m awake or just dozing with the TV on at that hour, but this morning I was still fully asleep. I watched TV until near 1AM. The loud sound of the leaf blower caused me to start the day long before I was ready. Most of the morning I felt like I should go back to bed.

Most of the blossoms on the Azalea bushes are drying up and falling off. Does that mean Florida Summer is arriving?

I’ve noticed in the past that the maintenance staff at this campground prefer to get things done early before the day heats up. Last time I stayed here they ran the lawn mower around my around 9AM. I assume they wait until the quiet hours are over at 8AM, but maybe they don’t even know their own rules.

I worked on my travel planning some more this afternoon. The lack of availability in some areas has made the booking process a real puzzle. I need to determine if I can get in if I arrive a day later or leave a day earlier. When I find I can get fewer nights than I want, I have to find alternatives to fill the gaps. Late this afternoon I thought I had it all figured out. I would stay at six campgrounds for extended stays of at least 5 nights to as long as two weeks with a couple of one or two night stops to break up long travel days. I started to book more of the reservations, only to find that one six day stay in Idaho that had been available wasn’t any longer. So now I’m fully booked through the 8th of July except for a six day period in Idaho during the middle of June. I’ll work on that tomorrow.

I’ve also determined that the scope of my summer travel was too ambitious. I will leave the Olympic Peninsular in Washington for another year. I will probably only visit the Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainier areas of Washington. That will give me more time to focus on both sides of the Cascades and the coast in Oregon.

Having to find quality stops and make reservations continues to be my biggest dislike associated with this life style. I would prefer to be more flexible and spontaneous. Public campgrounds all have different reservation windows. Some parks reservation windows are twelve months ahead, some are eleven months, and others are shorter like six months or even three months ahead. Private campgrounds vary even more. If they don’t have an online system it’s as confusing as when they will answer the phone. I knew I was going to head for the Pacific Northwest last summer and started some high level planning then. The reservation windows for the public campgrounds I prefer to stay at hadn’t opened yet. I didn’t stay on top of the planning, so a lot of my current torture is my own doing. I still don’t like it.

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