More Summer Travel Planning

Monday April 29th 2019

The Florida dry season has is still here. The chances of rain are about a week apart. It rained each of the last two Fridays and the next chance is next Friday. When the summer humidity arrives every day will have a probability of rain in the afternoon. May is the traditional start of the wet season, but it may be late this year.

My route to the west coast.

My primary focus today was travel planning. I have my travel route outlined for my departure from Florida in the second half of May until July in Oregon. I’ve booked the Memorial Day long weekend in Albuquerque New Mexico, flowed by a five nights in the Bryce Canyon Utah area. I’ve never been to Albuquerque and spent much time in the Bryce Canyon area. Continuing north in Utah, I’ll stop north of Ogden for a six nights. I want to visit the museum at Hill Air Force base and the Golden Spike exhibit at Promontory Utah.

Things are more confusing from there. I wanted to make a return visit to the Twin Falls Idaho area, but something is going on the week I’ll be passing through that area. I haven’t found anywhere with more than single night availability. I will probably book the week nights further west in Boise Idaho. I’ve got places to stay in north central Oregon, but no surprise the availability close to Portland is a problem as the Fourth of July holiday approaches. I’ll figure it out, but it’s taking more time and energy than I’d like. Once again I’m kicking my self for procrastination.

I still haven’t figured out if I’m going to turn north or south from Portland. It really comes down to how I want to escape back over the mountains at the end of summer. There are only two interstate routes to chose from. Interstate 84 goes east from Portland Oregon and Interstate 90 goes east from Seattle Washington. There’s another possibility through Bend Oregon but I’m not sure of the routes through the mountain passes. I could go south from Portland then out to the cost and north to Washington. With this route my escape is via Interstate 90 from Seattle. The other option is go north into Washington then out to the coast and back south into Oregon. I suspect I’d end up turning back east on Interstate 84 and not see the majority of coastal Oregon if I take this approach. I don’t want to complicate my travel with the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento California areas to use the Interstate 80 option into Reno NV. That is another year.

Blossom of the day.

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