New Locations Can Be Disorienting

Sunday April 28th 2019

Today was very much a day of rest. I didn’t leave the RV park. The extent of my activity for the day was a couple of walks around the campground. Most of my time was occupied by reading and watching TV.

After four full days at this park I’m still disoriented. My RV home is always the same, but its orientation to the outside world changes at every stop. When the blinds are closed you need to rely on memory to identify potential sources for things going on outside the rig. In a regular sticks and bricks house where the sun rises and sets doesn’t change. Your neighbors are always in the same places and the location of large disturbances like trains and traffic don’t move. At my last stop the RV pointed east and the road noise from Interstate 95 was in that direction. I got used to hearing the cars and trucks from the front of the RV. At this park, the RV is pointed west and the road noise is off to the south east. The sound of traffic is behind the RV. To add a complication this park also has a lot of train noise. One of the main north south train routes through Florida is on the other side of the highway. The rumble as the cars move along the rails and the horn blasts at the grade crossings are a frequent occurrence. None of the noise is a real issue once I know it’s normal. Not being sure of my orientation to the noise slows down my acceptance of the noise. Hopefully me disorientation with my surroundings will go away soon.

Pork chop I grilled for dinner.

Today’s lunch was a thick cut pork chop the size of a small steak. I grilled it to perfection between TV sports programming. When combined with potatoes and a can of corn it made a good meal.

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