A Visit to the Atlantic Ocean

Saturday April 27th 2019

The back side of the cold front that passed through yesterday is beautiful. The temperature and humidity are lower and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky during the day. The high temperature was around eighty.

A bright little blossom.

After a slow morning drinking my breakfast coffee and catching up on various internet news feeds, I took a drive to the coast. Guess what, the Atlantic Ocean is still there. My real destination was before I reached the ocean. I wanted to stop at the Gander RV store in St. Augustine. This is the recently renamed Camping World Store. The corporation that owns Camping World and Gander Outdoors is combining some of them into Gander RV stores. My initial reaction is both brands lost in the combination. Basically they made space in the Camping World store for fishing and hunting gear. There is less space for the RV supplies a Camping World store would normally offer and there isn’t much of the clothing category of items a Gander Outdoors store would offer. Maybe this will change in the future, but right now, I don’t get it.

There were plenty of people enjoying the beach. I stopped along A1A in Flagler County at a beach just south of Marineland. There was room to park, but it was a lot busier than other times I’ve stopped in the area. The beach is narrow in this area, but it was full of people. I even saw a few people out in the water. Most of the people on the beach had some sort of wind shelter to block the gentle sea breeze. I found the breeze refreshing.

Wildflower blossoms of the day.

I got back to my RV home at the supper hour. My road trip was a lot longer than I had anticipated after I drove south along the coast from St. Augustine. I returned along a route I haven’t traveled before. The route was through some very rural areas.

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