More Summer Planning

Friday April 26th 2019

The rain on the leading edge of the cold front arrived around 4AM. The noise on the roof was enough to wake me up. I didn’t hear any thunder and the wind didn’t sound to hard, so I went back to sleep. By the time I got up this morning the rain had been over for some time. The morning forecast called for another line of storms just before noon, but they never materialized. Compared with last Friday’s cold front this one was a non entity.

Blossoms on a tree.

Waiting for the second wave of rain that never came I got back into summer planning mode. The rest of my day was spent with research and indecision. Reviewing what I’d already decided on I realized I was moving fast. My original thought was to only stop for a day or two in areas I’d already traveled through. The problem with that approach is travel burn out. I’ve learned that I need to stay in one location for at least a week preferably two to have enough down time to stay energized for exploring. My ideal travel model calls for staying in one place for two weeks than moving two to three hundred miles for another two week stay. I can range out a hundred miles or more in my car at each stop.

The bottom line is once I get to western Idaho and Oregon I need to slow down. That means picking stops with good things to do within a hundred mile radius. It also means selecting campgrounds that have longer term availability. The other complication is familiarity with the terrain. I’m not sure the impact of the mountains on my ability to travel around. I’m taking the relatively safe route using Interstate 84 into the area, but what routes are motorhome friendly off the interstate corridor. It requires a yet more research.

Another tree blossom attracting a bee.

This RV park has come to life for the weekend. The last couple of days the park has been quiet with many open sites. Tonight there are fewer open sites and there are other signs the park is busy. One of those signs is the Internet access. The park WiFi is slower than a snail tonight. I’m going to have to switch to the cellular data connection on my phone to get this post published.

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