Wandering from Starke

Thursday April 25th 2019

The positive weather trend continued today. The temperature peaked in the high eighties with lots of sun and a gentle breeze. The front originally forecast for tomorrow may arrive early over night. Either way it will be a little cooler by the weekend.

This Amorilis was planted on an empty site. When the winter resident headed north they left the plant.

I didn’t do anything today that is particularly blog worthy. I finished setting up my campsite this morning and went out for a drive this afternoon. I found myself navigating the streets of Gainesville by the compass in my car. I knew the Interstate was to the west of town and the car was traveling west so logic said I should find the interstate. It just took a lot longer than I thought it would. I could have stopped and looked at Google Maps on my phone, but what fun would that have been.

Great Egret foraging in one of the campground ponds.

Overall I was driving around for about three hours. I saw many new things, but nothing that really caught my interest. I returned to my RV home and got some exercise walking around the campground.

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