Travel Day to Starke Florida

Wednesday April 24th 2019

It was a great Florida Spring day. The warming temperature trend continued with a peak in the high eighties. It is forecast to make it into the nineties tomorrow before the front arrives on Friday.

Today was a travel day. I got packed and ready to travel around 10:30 with only a little bit of drama. I always watch the tow bar in the rear view monitor as I start to move after hooking the car to the RV. The tow bar should lock into place with each of the arms full extended. Once in a while only one side will lock into place. If I can continue straight for a longer distance, it will usually lock in, but I can’t turn. Today I needed to turn, so I had to start over. I disconnect the car and repositioned it before re-hooking it to the RV. It worked fine the second time.

The drive was uneventful. I stopped at the Florida Welcome Center as I re-entered the state to get my teaspoon of orange juice and generally kill time. I had about seventy miles to travel but wanted to arrive after 1PM, so I browsed the brochures in the Welcome Center for a half an hour or so. In today’s Internet age, there are a lot fewer brochures offered. Years ago there were racks upon racks of unique brochures for all parts of the state. Today they’ve eliminated a couple of racks, but also repeat many state wide guide books on multiple racks.

Site 45 at the Starke Gainesville KOA.

I was set up on my new site at the Starke Gainesville KOA by 2PM. This is my second visit to this park this winter. I was here at the beginning of February. There are a lot more open spaces now. The campground is only about half full during the week, but will probably fill up on the weekend.

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