Happy Easter

Easter Sunday April 21st 2019

The overnight temperature got down well below normal for this area at this time of year. It was in the forties when I woke up, but by the heat of the day it was in the mid seventies. Overall, it was beautiful day. I spent the day enjoying the nice weather outside on my patio with a few walks around the park thrown in for exercise.

Beautiful blue sky visible through the pine trees above my RV home.

I saw something a little out of the ordinary in the campground this morning. About half a dozen little kids were all dressed up running up and down the park roads. They were corralled a few minutes later by adults in shorts and tee shirts, but armed with a camera. It was Easter picture time. A few minutes later a big white rabbit arrived on the scene. I don’t know if it was planned or by coincidence, but someone in the campground was dressed in a bunny suite. The white rabbit was added to the picture taking.

The closest thing to an Easter Lilly I saw today.

By noon the campground was as empty as it has been since I arrived. All of the weekenders and travelers had checked out. I was surprised that it didn’t fill up as much this evening. There are plenty of empty spaces for a change. The ebb and flow of travelers along Interstate 95 would be an interesting study.

Blossom of the day.

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