Checking Out the Storm Damage

Saturday April 20th 2019

Today was the day after the storm. The severe weather front was off to the east and the local weather was dramatically different. There was a strong wind out of the west under sunny a sky. It was a nice day, but it was cold. The temperature didn’t make it into the seventies.

Driving around the area the damage caused by the storm was evident. I saw many downed tree limbs and even a few whole trees on the ground. People were busy cleaning up after the storm. Piles of branches and storm debris adorned the street side in residential areas. The amount of material downed by the storm was surprising. Thankfully, it looks like there wasn’t a lot of substantial damage.

The boats tied to the floating dock moved up and down with the docks in the wind driven waves on the St. Mary’s River.

The wind was really creating a lot of wave action on the St. Mary’s River. The direction was such that there was a long open area for the wind to build the waves before they reached the bank in the downtown St. Mary’s area. The floating docks were moving up and down on their pilings. The sound of metal, concrete and wood rubbing disrupted the quiet atmosphere of the historic town. The other requirement to enjoy a walk along the town’s waterfront was warm clothing. Their were quite a few people out and about, but they were all dressed for winter.

The campground emptied out a little more than I expected this morning. I thought there were more weekenders in the park. It turned out that there were a lot of travelers that moved on today. They were replaced by more travelers tonight. Even so, the campground is in holiday weekend mode. The older kids got entertained with a hayride and the younger ones got pulled around in little train cars by a golf cart.

Blossom on an Azalea bush.

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