Shopping Day

Monday April 22nd 2019

There were a few more degrees added to the high temperature today, but otherwise it was a repeat of Sunday’s beautiful weather. The temperature peaked in the upper half of the seventies with very few clouds, low humidity and a gentle breeze.

There are still a few “spring” blossoms on the trees.

Today was a shopping day. I drove to a big shopping area near the Jacksonville airport. There is a Walmart a lot closer to my RV Home, but it doesn’t have the myriad of other stores that surround the Walmart near the airport. In addition to groceries I need some new footwear and possible other new clothes. In the end, there were too many stores and none of them were right for my needs. I may visit the outlet malls in the St. Augustine before I leave the area.

The campground is not as full tonight as it has been. I’m not sure if the snowbird travel season has let up or if it’s just a lull in the migration. Even though there are fewer sites occupied tonight there may be more people in the campground. One of the big red touring bus camping dormitories is parked here tonight. It pulled in around 5PM. The driver and assistant with a little help from the passengers got the living quarters opened and started to prepare their evening meal. I counted about twenty people in the group. It looks interesting, but sleeping in the little coffin like bed space each passenger gets isn’t that appealing. The front half of the bus looks like an ordinary tour bus, but the back is a series of bedrooms across the bus stacked three high with access from the passengers side of the bus. They also have to use the campground restrooms. I’ve seen these buses every now and then on my Rambling Road Trip. I still haven’t figured out much about them. They seemed to be marketed to travelers from Europe judging by the language I couldn’t understand.

Blossom of the day.

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