Watching Snowbirds Prepare to Depart

Monday April 15th 2019

The humidity that built up over the last few days was gone this morning. The temperature was back in the high seventies to low eighties with the wind lighter and more from the north. It was a very refreshing and comfortable day.

A little orange color in the sun.

This morning I got caught up in watching more of the north bound exodus from the RV park. A departure today or tomorrow will still get people home in the north before the Easter holiday. Over the weekend I watched a lot of preparation. One couple spent the weekend packing a big rented box truck with all the stuff from their site. I saw them loading potted plants, a gas grill, various outdoor lawn furniture and the wooden steps they were using to get into their trailer. Who knows what they added when I wasn’t looking. This morning they hooked up the fifth wheel trailer to their pickup and followed the box truck out of the campground. I don’t know if everything was going north or if some of the stuff was going to a storage yard.

Wildflower blossom of the day.

The other observation about the departures is the popularity of the people leaving. Some people have a continuous flow of visitors as they pack up while others pack in solitude. When they’re hooked up to leave additional people show up to say goodby and watch them pull away from their site. The popular folks don’t seem to get very far. When they stop at the office to check out, they seem to be their longer than most. The others pull away with a wave to anybody they pass and are in and out of the office in a couple of minutes. Is this a measure of the community in the RV park or is it an indicator of the cliques that exist?

After watching the morning exodus I went back to the Merritt Island NWR for some more exploring. I walked the trail behind the visitors center again. There weren’t as many wild flowers in bloom, but there were a few turtles visible in and around the pond. The other improvement over last week was fewer visitors. I was able to walk the trail and stop at the viewing areas without being in the presence of dozens of people. I only saw about a dozen other people total.

A turtle taking the sun on a platform in the middle of the pond.

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