Last Day on the Space Coast

Tuesday April 16th 2019

It was another fine day with just a little bit more humidity than Monday. The temperature peaked around eighty and it cooled down quickly after the sun set.

Blossom of the day.

Today was my last full day on the Space Coast. Tomorrow I move a little further north for a week. As usual, I really enjoyed my stay in this area. It has a diverse selection of terrain and other attractions to explore. In addition to the Merritt Island National Wildlife Reserve and the Canaveral National Seashore, Brevard county has a number of parks. Many of the parks are along the waters edge. In addition to the Atlantic Ocean there are parks along the Banana and Indian Rivers. In addition to the nature exploration opportunities there is the occasional rocket launch and the action in Port Canaveral. People make a regular habit of watching the cruise ships leave port every evening.

My exploring today took me back to the central part of the county. I returned to Kelly park on the Banana River. There was less action on the water today. The vendor renting sailboards and other wind oriented water craft was not doing much business. I suspect the wind direction was not favorable, but it was comfortable to sit on shore and watch the ripples on the water.

Little Blue Heron

This evening I got a head start on packing for tomorrow’s travel day. The bicycle rack and bike are back on the car and the gas grill is ready to be stored away. In the morning I’ll dump the tanks and finish the travel prep. I plan to be on the road around 11am.

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