A New Way for the Weather to Change My Plans

Sunday April 14th 2019

Today’s weather started as a repeat of the last couple of days. The overnight clouds gave way to sunshine with a strong breeze. The temperature peaked in the min eighties. The difference came in mid afternoon. A line of strong winds and showers moved through the area. There wasn’t any thunder and lightening, but the wind was very strong and gusty for about an hour.

Today’s wildflower blossom of the day. It’s less than an inch in diameter, but pretty.

The weather found a new way to get in the way of my activities today. The main storm area is three or four hundred miles north of here. It caused the Masters Golf Tournament tee times to be moved up. They started play at 7:30 this morning and the TV coverage started at 9 or 9:30. As soon as I found the golf on the TV my day got turned upside down. I was going to go out in the late morning and return to watch the golf in the mid to late afternoon. Instead I started watching golf at 9:30 until Tiger Woods won his fifth Masters in the early afternoon. It had just enough drama and excitement with Woods involved that I pretty much stayed glued to the TV.

After the golf, I managed to grill a couple of Italian Sausages for lunch. The local weather started to get in the way at this point in the day. The wind picked up and the rain started. I had to retreat inside and close a few windows. The closed windows required the AC to be on which combined with the rain on the roof required the TV volume to be turned up. By around 4:30 the weather was on the upswing again, but any thoughts of leaving the RV resort were gone. I settled for a walk around the park.

Great Egret visiting the pond across from my site.

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