More Exploring in the Merritt Island NWR

Saturday April 13th 2019

It was another warm day with highs in the mid 80s and a sea breeze. The temperature inland is in warmer by five degrees or more. According to the TV weather people this is early in the year for ninety degree weather. The daytime temperature isn’t a problem, particularly with the breeze, but the fact that it only gets to the mid seventies overnight is a problem. I run the air conditioner before going to bed to get the inside temperature down. The AC is noisy enough that I don’t like running it a night until it is really bad.

Today’s sky was full of interesting cloud patterns.

I was back to exploring the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge today. When I stopped at the manatee viewing area on the Haul Over Canal, I actually saw a few manatee. If you watched the canal closely you’d see a dark area moving in the water. Eventually a nose would break the surface for air. If you were really lucky you might see a tail break the surface as the animal headed back toward the bottom. The boat traffic had to be real careful.

A manatee in the shallow water at the edge of the Haul Over Canal poking its nose up for air.

My new exploration for the day in the NWR was a drive along the Bio Lab Road. It is one way dirt road along the Mosquito Lagoon of the Indian River North. The river is on one side and a canal or marsh is on the other for several miles. I imagine watchful eyes would spot an alligator or two in the canal area. I was to busy watching for pot holes on the challenging road. Taking the drive on a weekend day was a mistake. Many people were pulled to the side of the road and had their fishing equipment spread out along the canal and the river. Even so, it was a good experience with lots of nice scenic views. There just wasn’t as much wildlife as I’d hoped to see.

Today’s blossom of the day.

Back at my RV home this afternoon I got settled in watching the TV. I was doing a bit of channel surfing between two very different programs. On won end of the spectrum was the Masters golf tournament. It is a very quiet dignified and calm program. The other program I’d surf over to was the Game of Thrones Marathon in preparation for tomorrow nights final season premier. That program is the product of nightmares, but it is addictive too. I’m anxious to see the new season of shows.

A Great Blue Heron visiting the campground.

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